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UK,USA,Australia,Canada and New Zealand 45's 1966-72.

  • Please Note: These are listings only. These are not records for sale!!
  • Any enquiries about the lists should be directed to:-
  • with the subject heading '45's 1966-72'.
  • The criteria for inclusion in this set of lists:
  • singles/45's by UK,USA,Australia,Canada and New Zealand groups/bands only;
  • released 1966-1972 inclusive.
  • Categories include:
  • rock/folk rock/pop/progressive/psychedelic;
  • a selection of bands are listed purely for their imaginative choice of names;
  • if you are looking for information about bands or single's from this period you may find it here.
  • The entry for each band contains:
  • 'A' and 'B' side titles;
  • record label and number;
  • year of release.